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It all started back in 2008 when we, Ben Long, Nathan Creel and Jay Partridge, started writing music in a workshop near Asheville, NC. (Pictured above)  We had a friend come listen to what we had so far of the song "Awkward Embrace", our very first song.  He asked, "Do you mind if I take a recording of this home and see what I can add to it?"  We didn't even know he played guitar so we said "sure, knock yourself out."  He came back with what would solidify our sound.  The second guitar part, that enters the song "Awkward Embrace" as a definitive metal groove, was the genius, that is, Dom Fenton.  Between 2008-2012 we sporadically wrote the bones and structure of the "Horizons" concept album.  But for a number of reasons, the project was put on the shelf to season for the next 8 years.  Then Covid happened.  Our drummer, Jay, recommended since we are all on lockdown, why don't we resurrect the project.  So between 2020-2024 we recorded, remotely, the album that we present to you as Too Late the Transmission: Horizons.   It's been a long time coming.

Too Late the Transmission is now a 3 piece band but the "Horizons" project involved Dom Fenton.

Nathan Creel:   Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Production Mixing and Mastering
Jay Partridge:   Drums, Production Mastering
Ben Long:        Bass, Lead Vocals, Lyrics & Story, Synths
Dom Fenton:    Guitar, Vocals

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